Welcome to the Swallowfield Community Responders

This website provides information about the Community First Responder scheme in Swallowfield Berkshire, part of the South Central Ambulance Charitable Trust (Charity no: 1049778). To find out more about what we do, meet the team, and find out how you can help, please follow the links at the top of the page.

Our scheme covers from Swallowfield to Spencers Wood, Shinfield to Farley Hill, Risley to Three Mile Cross. We also get called to Arborfield, Mortimer, Burchfield and Whitley as well.  The scheme is run by SCAS, but the first responder team is completely self funded, so we rely on fundraising and kind donations by local people and businesses to keep operational. If you can support us by making a donation, or by volunteering your time with us as a responder, we would be very happy to hear from you.

We send out a monthly newsletter about us and what we have been getting up to, click here to read them.


We are still looking for new volunteers to join our small team and help provide cover .  Please feel free to look through our website and if you are interested, then please call- we do not bite and it is very rewarding.

Heartstart Swallowfield

The team are very pleased and proud to announce that Heartstart Swallowfield is doing well, having trained over 800 people. Being part of the British Heart Foundation initiative to provide people with Skills For Life we  offer a 2.5 hour course enabling attendees to deal with various emergency situations. Visit www.heartstartswallowfield.co.uk for more information and to book a place on a course. Go on give up 2.5 hours of your life to potentially save someone else’s.

Misuse of the 999 service costs lives

40% of the 999 calls that are received are from patients who do not need to go to hospital. An ambulance attending a patient who could have used more appropriate healthcare services is not available to go to a person in a life-threatening emergency.

Just think – your life, or the life of someone you care about, could be put at risk.

On average, there is only one ambulance per 23,000 people during the day, and one per 35,000 people at night available in our region. So, make sure you need an ambulance before you call.

To help you understand when you should call for an ambulance or use an alternative healthcare provider, please consider the following:

For medical emergencies, such as

Chest pain

Severe breathing difficulty

Severe blood loss


Blacking out

Dial 999 immediately

For other illnesses and injuries

  • Call 111 for advice
  • Contact your GP or out-of-hours GP service for other illnesses.
  • Make your own way to your local A&E, minor injuries unit or walk-in centre for minor injuries
  • Seek advice from your pharmacist for self-care